Submarine Veterans of North Texas

Welcome to the Submarine Veterans of North Texas

We are a collective group of veterans from all branches of the US military working together in our community to serve and and help our neighbors through scholarships, fundraising, education and service. We welcome qll proud service men and women along their families to join as we do our part to help enrich and  make our communities better Our initial goal was to create a base that focused on veteran submariners. As we saw a need to include all branches, once we opened it to all branches, we created a more diverse, better serving base for our community. As we continue to grow, so will the content on here along with the services and outreach we provide. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of service in education of our military, need information of events we will be at, need to retire your worn US flags or would like to apply for a scholarship. Thank you for your support